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We want our customers to be fully satisfied with our services. Please provide all the information about song wishes, voiceover ideas, and any other for the best result. That is how we create the cheer mix of your dreams.


Download the 8-count form and fill the information of your routine

Fill the order form and send us your 8-countsheet attached

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Find your favorite songs from our collaborative licensing services


We are proud to offer a wide range of voiceovers for our cheerleading music mixes, featuring multiple artists from the United States.


Our selection of voiceover artists includes rappers, singers, and other professional vocalists, all dedicated to creating the perfect cheerleading soundtracks.


Our artists have years of experience in the music industry, and specialize in crafting unique and exciting cheerleading music that will get your crowd jumping.


No matter what kind of cheerleading soundtrack you're looking for, our voiceover artists have you covered.


you can send us a video of your routine to let us make an even more compatible mix to fit in with your program

Please record the video using the 8-count mix or some of our cheer mixes. Better quality gives us a better understanding of the routine


Don't forget to read our terms and conditions

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