We want our customers to be fully satisfied with our services. Please provide all the information about song wishes, voiceover ideas, and any other for the best result. That is how we create the cheer mix of your dreams.


Download the 8-count form and fill the information of your routine

Fill the order form and send us your 8-countsheet attached

If you don't have 8-countsheet filled yet, you can always come back and upload it from here



Licensing platform sites



Unleash The Beats

Find the licensed music and add your song requests with lyrics you wish to have to the "8-Count Sheet"


We have a good variety of artists to create the best voiceovers to your mix

To create an awesome mix you need good voiceovers. Add idea words about your team, colors, attitude, or quotes to help us make awesome voiceovers for you

Add the ideas on to the 8-count form as a free text or between the songs/lyrics

Let us know if you have detailed instructions for voiceovers. Example lyrics, male or female voice, rap, singing, or exact phase for the words.


you can send us a video of your routine to let us make an even more compatible mix to fit in with your program

Please record the video using the 8-count mix or some of our cheer mixes. Better quality gives us a better understanding of the routine


Go to the upload page to send us your instructions

Go to the upload page and send us your 8-countsheet and videos.

You might be having a trouble sending videos cause of the big file size. In this case you can sen an upload link using wetransfer or dropbox.


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